About Us

Pickett Equipment Co is an Agriculture Manufacturer and Distributor of Spray Equipment and Chemical Handling Systems. Specializing in Aerial Application, Pulp and Paper Handling and Fertilizer Equipment. Located in Olive Branch, Mississippi, we are here to supply you with quality equipment to keep your business strong and profitable.

For example, A Flomax 15 pump uses either a three vane or five vane impeller. The five vane pump will give 1/3 MORE VOLUME at lower pressure, cut your time by 1/3, and give you up to 390 gallons per minute. Every. Time. Fill your aircraft hopper in under three minutes. Every. Time.

Before you buy your pump, make sure it has this five vane 316 stainless impeller. If it doesn't, you're not filling as fast as you could be.

To some suppliers, this is optional equipment. To us, it's standard.